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This lovely cat rooms with a Whippet and an Italian Greyhound and holds her own in their company - she's a very sweet kitty.

Kirby is an adorable, energetic Whippet. He chases and plays with his roomie "Shelby" to see who is the fastest, often flying over a chair in pursuit of one another!
Shelby is a little Italian Greyhound who loves to chase (and be chased) by her roomie "Kirby". In this photo, she's wearing her snowsuit and boots!

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Alex is a real lover! He wraps himself around you the moment you arrive and loves to be held, cuddled, scratched, massaged - he thinks he's a dog!

This adorable dog is part Husky and part Sharpei. She's a very affectionate, darling dog, aptly named.

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This little Sheltie rooms with Sadie - he loves to chase Sadie. He's a perky little dog with plenty of spunk!

Sadie rooms with Alex and matches him, chase for chase, enjoying playing with him. She's a very affectionate dog and loves to give kisses.

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Angelo is an adorable Malto-Poo. He is a very loving little dog that dances on his back legs for a treat!

This little Malto-Poo puppy rooms with Angelo and has energy to burn! He loves to cuddle and play!


Seymore is a Sphynx Cat. He is completely hairless. The breed originates in Canada and is sought after for their compatibility with people with allergy issues. This breed is extremely friendly, very healthy and sturdy and Seymore is no exception. He loves to cuddle and tell you about his day. He's very social, loves to eat and snuggle.

"Little Fred"
Little Fred is Seymore's grandson and has joined Seymore's household. He's a little more shy than Seymore, but still true to his breed, with a love for cuddles.

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Arthur joined Ernie just this year (2008). As you can see by Arthur's face, it's hard to resist this loving Chocolate Lab! It didn't take long for he and Ernie to become best buddies and roomies and they really enjoy walks together and trips to the dog park!

Ernie loves to smile! He's a very affectionate Greyhound-Lab mix who greets anyone who arrives with gusto! He has a beautiful gait as he walks and trots that shows off the Greyhound in him. He and Arthur enjoy walks and trips to the dog park together.

Dougie is Arthur's new roommate. He and Arthur are best buddies and you will often see them curled up together when they are napping. Dougie loves to look for wildlife - of any sort - and is up for the chase! He is a delightful little guy that will steal your heart, just like Arthur!

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Asha is a perky little Shiba Inu that will steal your heart! She rooms with Jax, who does his own version of "cute"!

In this picture, Jax wanted to make sure that his "good" side was snapped. "Aren't I cute?" he says.

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Ava is an adorable German Shepherd who loves everybody! Her beautiful face reflects her sparkling personality.

Lucy is not at all "pugnacious". She's the sweetest little girl! She's so cute and thinks she is 2 feet taller than she really is!

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