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Here is Sadie's story as told by her family:

    "Sadie came to me 19 years ago, an 8-week old bundle of energy with grey-tortoiseshell markings and a white spot of the top of her head. I had a co-worker with a farm in Woodstock, New York, who had kittens to give away, and I said I would take one. "Just choose one for me," I told her. And so came Sadie, in a little wicker basket, to my office on the 59th floor of the Empire State Building in New York City. My friend warned me, "she has plenty of personality!" From that moment on, Sadie took charge of our lives - and our hearts.

    Sadie's first home was our brownstone apartment on 2nd Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Since then she's lived in Charlottesville, Alexandria, and Falls Church, Virginia - Milton, Massachusetts - Edina, Minnesota - Geneva, Switzerland - and finally, Edina again. A well-traveled cat!

    Sadie is our family's caretaker. She takes an active part in our lives, showing up for every meal, of course, but also telling us when to go to bed at night - 10:30, sharp, she comes to sit at our feet and yowl! When our first child, Nicholas, was born, Sadie watched over him in his crib, and would come find me whenever he cried chirrupping to me to take care of "her" baby. Once, when Nick was a toddler, a small dog tried to bite him and she attacked the dog and chased him away. She was equally protective of Kit, who arrived two years later. Nearly all his baby pictures show Sadie close by, keeping a watchful eye on him.

    Sadie is old now and near the end of her life. Although her bones are creaky and she no longer hears well, she is still very much involved in her family's life. She loves her food, and purrs ecstatically when we stroke her. And she still tells us when it's time to go to bed each night - 10:30 sharp!

    We are so blessed to have had Sadie as our friend and protector all these years.


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