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ACT V Pets

TenderPetCare has the great privilege of working with a wonderful Rescue Group based in Bloomington, MN by the name of ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation.

This organization is dedicated to rehabilitating the animals they rescue to an extraordinary degree, which includes physical, emotional and behavioral needs. The members of this group are committed to getting their rescued littles ones to their "forever adoptive homes".

We are very pleased to be a part of this effort in helping ACT V with care for their rescued pets. As they come in, we rejoice with them as each one finds their "forever home" with their perfectly matched adoptive family.

You can learn more about ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation by clicking on the text link or the link below that will direct you to their home page:

This page is dedicated to the ACT V animals TenderPetCare has had the privilege to care for.


Char was left in the bottom of a dumpster, abandoned and injured with a shattered left leg. (Did we mention left in a dumpster?) Six month old Char was saved, then surrendered to ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation and now has a permanent home. Her broken leg was amputated and now this pup races around like no other.


Dewey is a delightful Yellow Lab mix
puppy who recently found his forever home. He is a bright-eyed, loving little boy
who came to ACT V Rescue and Rehabilitation and was only in foster
care for a very brief time before
a family contacted ACT V and fell in
love with him.

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Dublin is a Black Laborador Retriever
puppy who fully illustrates the characteristics of a Laborador Retriever. He LOVES to
play, has plenty of energy, and is
highly social. Dublin has also found
his forever home through ACT V.


A sweet Husky mix, Ice is a very sensive young dog. He was rescued by ACT V
and now resides in his forever home - thriving with his new family! He just
needed a loving home with a family who cares.

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Lexi is an amazing dog! ACT V rescued her, provided two knee surgeries and rehab. Today she is fully back to health, running around the yard. It amazes me the things these rescue dogs have been through.
They have an enormous appreciation
for life through their tough circumstances
that can't be ignored.


Louie is another success story!
He came to ACT V a very sick little
puppy with a condition called "Puppy Strangles." ACT V took care of all his
medical, emotional and social needs
and he has been recently adopted by his
new family, delighted to have this
new little addition.

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Maverick is another ACT V Rescue success
story - he is an Australian Shepherd mix who was so wild when they first got him, he couldn't relax. ACT V worked with his physical, emotional and social needs and now Maverick is flourishing in his new forever adoptive family. He's even learned to swim -
a gigantic accomplishment, considering he was terrified of water when he was first rescued.


Shilo is a lovely Shepherd / Labrado
mix who was adopted into his forever
home almost immediately by his new
adoptive family. It was a match made
in heaven and both Shilo and family
are thriving!

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Trooper has found his family home as well. He came to ACT V with a broken arm. ACT V worked with this little puppy, mending him physically, emotionally and socially and he now resides with his new family!


Violet is a beautiful Shepherd mix with plenty of enthusiasm and love to share. She is a delight to be with and soon found a new home with a family that couldn't resist "little" Violet.

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TenderPetCare thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit and care for these 9 rescued puppies in their foster home for ACT V:

"9 Labrador Retriever Mix puppies came to ACT V"
And they were SO hard to resist! Boy were they cute and fun to play with!

"Chow Time! "
It's hilarious watching these little puppies arrive for dinner! They pile all over each other to get to the dinner bowls, so happy that they have a nice meal, lots of love and care! They found their new forever homes one-by-one, very quickly, but not before I had opportunities to be with them, play with them and snap a few pictures!


With each visit, letting these little puppies outside was an incredible sight! I would barely get the door open and off they were into the big outdoors of the back yard, eager to explore, eat, and play!


"Here's why I called this meeting . . . "
The puppies often milled together, exploring not just the outdoors, but each other, just happy to "be"!


"It's a GIANT!"
Talk about exploring! The puppies loved the other residents of their foster home, which included 3 adult dogs and 2 cats - this picture made me think the puppy was saying "WOW, that's a big puppy!"


"That Tickles!"
At the time of this photo, the puppies are
about 6 to 8 weeks and their eyes are
still blue. I can't believe how little these sweeties are! They are irresistable.


"These Paws were made for Walkin' "
This little puppy has lots to be proud of - a pretty face AND great understanding! Who can resist a face like this? And this pup soon found a forever home along with his littermates!


"Whacha Doin?"
I love a puppy's curiosity! Their zest and zeal for life is so uplifting and encouraging. These little pups I am sure are blessings to every family they have found homes with!

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